Our Goals and Objectives

The school “On Tarzanka” has a special and very important place in the field of education and upbringing of the younger generation of the Russian-speaking community. It has its indisputable priorities and achievements in a number of similar structures. It is specific because it is primarily a weekend school. Therefore, we understand the responsibility of teachers to provide complete and interesting knowledge to students of different age groups and at different levels of training for a short period of communication. In addition, we take into account the fact that our students come to us after a busy week of work and do everything in order not to give them excessive loads, to harmoniously alternate their educational process with relaxation and psychological stress.

The goal of creating the Saturday school “On Tarzanka” was originally to provide additional opportunities for Russian speakers or those wishing to learn and learn, as well as improve the Russian language of children of different ages in their intellectual, aesthetic, artistic and physical development.

We emphasize the additional word and want to explain that it is key in the strategy and tactics of our school.

It is completely obvious to everyone that once a week classes (usually on a day off from primary school day) cannot pretend to master fundamental subjects in full even in the number of lessons taught. Therefore, we consciously chose certain areas for identifying and developing students of different ages of abilities and skills in various fields of knowledge.

  • Identification, development and consolidation of existing knowledge by repeating and expanding the material they already know.
  • The acquisition of new knowledge, not only within the framework of the standard curriculum, but primarily on the basis of original modern techniques that work effectively to solve the main task of the school is the additional and comprehensive development of students.

It should be noted that both of these areas are harmoniously combined in the school curriculum, logically complementing and enriching each other.

So, for example, a different level of preparation of students in the knowledge of the Russian language allowed us to compose classes for several programs. If for some people the task is today to learn how to read and master the initial elements of writing, then others are already learning accelerated reading skills and the basics of Russian grammar. Pupils with advanced knowledge are engaged in a more complex program, which provides for an in-depth mastery of the Russian language on a grammatical, stylistic and syntactic basis, as well as familiarity with the elements of imagery, variety and features of the use of Russian vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, metaphor, figurative meaning of phrases, the use of proverbs and sayings, winged expressions, etc.) Great attention is paid to understanding, understanding and the ability to convey in oral speech the semantic meaning of the Russian language. This is really important for our students, as Russian language training for them is adapted to the program of learning a language as a second (foreign), which is absolutely justified in conditions when the main one for them is English.

For a better assimilation of the material and the expansion of students’ knowledge, classes of literature are held at which students get acquainted with the biography and work of prominent figures of Russian literature. Of course, we cannot give this material in the volume of the full school curriculum, but it is designed to instill children’s interest in Russian literature, an understanding of its basic processes and classical works, contributes to the development of general erudition and the expansion of intelligence, the formation of analytical and psychological abilities

A unique class of theatrical mastery serves the same purpose, in which the results of working with students are especially clearly shown, because young actors try their strength again on the basis of world-famous and recognized works of literature, which means they not only hear, but also repeat, remember the correct, literary language with all its nuances.

In addition, they play famous heroes, get used to their images, thus enriching themselves with the comprehensive development of the proposed material. Needless to say, the game teaching methodology gives the most effective results, because it is the most accessible and interesting for children of all ages. We should not forget that at the same time as mentioned, students get from us an absolutely rare opportunity to learn the basics of acting (you must admit, this is a specific interest for Hollywood), which includes diverse areas such as rhetoric, plastic, facial expressions and other expressive means.

Other lessons serve the same basic tasks. So, for example, in classes in the visual arts, students not only receive theoretical training and practical skills on the basics of fine arts, but also explain the meaning of terminology in Russian. (Background, easel, hatching, palette, experiments with color, composition – where else can they master the knowledge and understanding of such concepts today?)

In music lessons, students learn to sing songs in Russian. And again, they master the meaning and meaning of new words, expressions and concepts for them. In addition, they learn the basics of musical literacy, partly the history of music and individual outstanding works, and also receive invaluable information about various musical directions and traditions, understanding about the difference in different musical formations, such as an orchestra, ensemble, choir, etc. Simply through for a certain time they can already remember and distinguish different musical instruments and their purpose. And all this again replenishes their vocabulary and conceptual stock in Russian.

Classes in mathematics are conducted by an experienced teacher, a university professor, who helps students better understand and consolidate school material and provide some knowledge to stay ahead of the program to facilitate its learning in the future.

Thus, the entire system of education and development of children in the school “On Tarzanka” is subordinated to the main goal and this gives the most effective results, which we can talk about not only on the final tests and tests, but also on the entire experience of the work carried out. We clearly see how literacy, erudition, and even colloquial speech of our students are clearly developing and improving during their stay at school. For us, these indicators are the best results of work and huge incentives for further activities.

Of course, we understand that the basis of all our successes and achievements is a highly qualified staff of teachers. We are proud that it is in our school that unique, extraordinary teachers work, who not only offer the highest level and teaching methodology, but also know how to “infect” students with their inspiration, creative and emotional attitude, dedication to their favorite cause. But it is well known that behind every talented student there is always a talented adult. It is with us that your child will surely find what in the future may turn out to be his main successful line. It is here that he can understand, define and develop the main areas of his interests, abilities, and talents. The main thing is not to miss the chance so important in his life.

Well, among other things, it is in our school that your child can find a circle of interesting communication with his peers, learn decent skills in teamwork and expand his communication skills. It is here that they truly learn to be friends and understand each other, as well as themselves in a team created on the basis of common interests. You must admit that these are invaluable opportunities that are not easy to find in conditions of an emigrant environment.

The school “On Tarzank” offers unique opportunities for additional training, development and parenting on a day off. Combining leisure and educational process, your children receive excellent conditions for harmonious development and communication. We are sure that this can be their happy day, filled with positive meaning, which will have a beneficial effect on the formation of their personal qualities, which will certainly give positive results in the future.