Is your English-speaking son or daughter unable to understand the loving words spoken by their Russian grandmother?

Give the gift of their grandparent’s love and understanding, without the language barrier. Enroll your child today at NaTarzanke Saturday School at the Little Treehouse Academy, adjacent to California State University, Northridge.

At NaTarzanke Saturday School, we focus 100% on educating children age 3- to 14-years to speak, read, and write the Russian language—conversationally and comprehensively. We use the most effective and up-to-date teaching techniques, learning methods, and education programs, but we don’t stop there! We enrich our curriculum with fun electives like chess, modern dance, martial arts, piano lessons, and arts & crafts, all of which help your child quickly assimilate real-world Russian language skills that will last a lifetime.

Our excellent facility features fully-licensed and insured grounds, buildings, and classrooms overseen by our professional staff of dedicated teachers. We also have an onsite kitchen with a licensed chef who prepares morning snacks and lunches during the day. Concerning the global pandemic, we meticulously follow all of California’s rules and regulations regarding complete COVID-19 safety. We offer individual supply packages for each child, separate tables positioned a minimum of six feet away from each other, and a big playground and lunch area. We are located in a charming part of Northridge near the University that is safe and secure.

With over 15 years of experience and a demonstrated track record of excellence, our top-rated Russian language programs and one-of-a-kind teaching systems have been time-tested and proven to produce exceptional results. We know and understand what children need to learn more in less time, and we deliver on those objectives in ways that exceed expectations.

Call or text us today! 310.869.1400 or 818.667.2709